Wednesday, 12 December 2018


Maxim Northover and I met at work.. we were both working in the Notorious PPQ SHOP ON CONDUIT STREET.. which now sadly doesn’t exist.. (as the shop is doesn’t like making money lol.. mc Queen used to be there and so on.. lol) anwayzzzzzz..... yar so Maxim and I used to bop about in the shop and have a brilliant time.. HAHAHAH we’d laugh so so so so hard, take photos and MOOCH as there was hardly anything to do hahaha.. mooch yar.. Kelly Osborne and Peaches Geldof (2 name a few) the parties were epic.. Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker are the legends that founded the brand.. PPQ stands for Pretty Personal Question innit.. ooooh I’d love love love the shop to come back!!!! We’d sell the dresses and package them in giant cat bags so so fun... (pics below from the PPQ dayz!!!)
Anyways.. so Maxim Northover has now become one of the most famous photographer living today.. 
These have been some of the recent images we shot this year... wearing Tamer Wilde’s Balenciaga, Kryolan makeup mooch on boob.. Moore Music chain.. which reminds me.. it’s gone missing.. ?!?!?!? Need that returned George Mills!!!! (p.s soz for that white lieπŸ„) Cutler & Gross shades.. and Tom Ford makeup.. And da MOOCH TrueRocks chain.. enjoy!!! 


Lol screen shots are the new film.. 

Lol Lucinda Bellm and I!

Hahahahahha Justin Salisbury, Bellm and Amy Ryan hajaknfkakchdirbr skalakakwk hahahah 


Me, Lauren Healy. And Abby Lily xxxxx

Justin Hahahaha

And soccer aka AMY RAMMMMM 


Anywayzzzzzzzzzz Must dash.. shooting a beauty campaign today with Maxim!
Gotta eat sum food now.. feel like eating a salmon and cream cheese πŸ₯― bagel bagel bagel u know.. then go to work. BRAP!!!!! 
Have a great day!!! 
Lots of Wub, 
Queen of Bop 
Bop Star 
Bip Ling 
From Planet BOP 
P.s Bop EP XMAS Special coming out soooon!!!!!!!!!