Monday, 19 November 2012

rockaway relief !

last saturday i volunteered to help rockaway recover from the mess that  hurricaine Sandy caused ! 

there was bits and bobs on the streets everywhere still !
we dag sand from a families basement that had been flooded! 
there was so much sand in the basement! 
!!! oooh no!
Dylan  broke down a door that we had to move to get  more sand out of the basement ! go dylan ! 

and these people in boiler suits were also removing walls and what not that were moldy!!!!  
The boiler suit kids had really cool gear ! all of them had water in their backpacks with a tube so they could hydrate while working ! 
nice one !  
i made new friends too! :-) YAY
if u wanna volunteer 
too check out the link below ! :-)