Thursday, 22 November 2012

ooooooh ok i'm bipping NYC... buuuut u know what i do miss my cuddles LONDON YAAAAAAHHHHH AAAAAAHHHHHH!! I can't wait 2 come home 4 CHRISTMAS !!!!

:D :-)oooooooh FYI the golden silvers are 1 of my FAVE bands from LONDON lol! :-) that lived in my life YAAH ! hahah! This tuuuune is in the TOP BIPPINGs! ! AND you know what->>>>>>i think the video is ooooooooooh the most cooooolest fun FUN COOOL COOOOL . music video .->>> stylie style colour beat rhythm london UK vibes...give your self another chance.... I wish top of the pops was still bipping! I LOVE GWILYM GOLD! YAH. mwah! YAH ! XXXXX