Thursday, 30 August 2012

:D :P bringing out the indian roots! YA MUN ! :D

during my current trip 2 Calcutta i was invited 2 open the kolkata Haat exhibition. :D.

so i did this by lighting a candle ( the traditional indian way of an opening ceremony )


then i cut the ribbon!! :D lol! :D
dressed in my cuddle coo coo lemon yellow sari.xx

in the uk we celebrate by opening a bottle of champagne & in india to celebrate we feed each other sweets as a sweet taste in the mouth is a sweet start 2 a new beginning. bring it on! 

The kolkata Haat exhibition was a sale of indian crafts. In the T2 newspaper the supplement of The Telegraph calcutta : they featured my fave 5 ! lol :D

aaaaah good times lol! thanks 2 my gorgeous indian grand parents didas and dadu who i LOVE very much! :D
thank u for all the