Monday, 9 July 2012

on friday darling i went bipping under the ocean and above the clouds!!! 4 emmy's 21st. xxxxx yeeeeer!

:P i dressed as the angel in the 'beauty school drop out' part from the film Grease ! :P

i wore my fave coco fennell dress, knitted white fluffy thing from a vintage shop from NYC. 
Chanel bag. And my fave boots from Mad World fancy dress shop in shoreditch. 

as well as my linda farrow sunnies! :D
HEY THERE amy ram, me, dylan garner and the birthday girl Emmy Bellm! :D

petra palumbo, cherry, me and lana palumbo! :D

Petra dressed as a jelly fish! lol but couldn't resist dyl's hairy head. :D haha.xxxx

CUTIE crocccy amy ram ! :P
we went up in a hot air ballooon! !!!!! HAHAHA SO MUCH FUN!!!! 
& hanged out with the cats.
YUPP!!!! xx

(2 above photos by the darling pedro Koechlin :P bipped my me! :P) 

:D hey there lucinda bellm 
cuddles in the sky!!!! 
Thanks for the invite Emmy!!!!