Sunday, 29 July 2012

bathrooom look of the daaaaay eh ! xoxox

ck one color cosmetics makeup 
rokit vintage dress
J&M davidson sheep cuddle bag
kurt geiger shoes

Friday, 27 July 2012

mooochin about with JAMES MAYOR by bip

Otto Piene :

The Mayor Gallery
22a Cork Street

Thursday, 26 July 2012


sooo strange & 
elegant things 
going on here 
mummy moo!
check out : 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

wow wow wowserzzz oohhhhh WHAT AN EXCITING DAY..

SHOO SHAaaaa!!!
:P !!!!!!!

photo by dave bennett at getty
:D hey alannah weston & Bay garnett ! cuddles! :D

photo by nick harvey at wire image

:P xxxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


hey heyy HEY THERE! 
:P last night i bipped 2 the super cute fabbie dabbie dosa chanel makeup 
store launch in covent garden dressed in
a yummy chanel dress, 
shoes, cute shell bag thingy 
and i wore ck one color cosmetics lipstick! :P
& shimmy shoo 
hair by naomi regan at neville salon.
oohh yummy 

Monday, 23 July 2012

bipppin of the day yar. ;-) x x x mwah!

2day i shall bip in 
my new hermes scarf tied in my hair :D  
milk & honey top 
lil sis's jumper from topshop 
skirt that I bought from a vintage shop in a town called truth or consequence in new mexico 
:D (lolsss)
& my fave christian louboutin shoes that
i can't get off my feet!!! ooooh nooooo!!!!
& yummy Louis vuitton bag babes.xx
& MY groovy delick neon green yummy bear nails by SO HOT RIGHT NAILS! :D 
thank u belinda! 
check out her blog 2 c what she has been up too! :D 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

hey guyz i've been werking hard!


Friday, 20 July 2012

OH MY DAYSS!!! no flippin flip flop way!!!! i met DANNY DeVito last night!! :D

after watching 
the sunshine boys 
at the savoy theatre! ! ! 
starring danny deVito & richard griffiths! what a great play!! 
try 2 c it if u can! :D 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


hey hey hey there folks! 
so recently 2 good friends of mine Jack Baucher & Alex Cherry 
set out on a mission dressed as tigers 2 travel from West Africa & onto ibiza on bikes 2 help raise 
money 2 save THE TIGERS! 

:D hey jack & cherry! 
meow there! :D 
DID U KNOW THAT Wild tigers are on the brink of extinction! There are currently less than 3500 that roam the wilderness of asia!! Now now folks wouldn't it be sad if 
tigers weren't around when our children's children are around!  :( 

on there journey 
they met gorgeous new friends! :D 

& made a fab video 
about the trip! watch it here below!!! :D 

also check out there blog 4 more info about how you can help TEARS 4 TIGERS help save the TIGERS!!! :)  

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


ok so its count down until my bikini bippy body times! & u know what that means? 
It means my trainer roger is going 2 keep me working hard! YUP! theres no going back now! Meet Roger Frampton!

When roger tells u 
2 jump U JUMP! 
there is no messing 
around with roger! 

2day i shall jump 
100 times! yup! until i cry! 
u know what - when it starts 2 hurt.. just shout I WANT A BIKINI BODY BABES & it helps. !! trust me on the one ;-) 

very important 2 get 
those side ab parts 
of ya body moving! 
roger is great at 
helping me work 
every muscle in my body! 
i couldn't be trained 
by anyone better than roger! 

sometimes it gets tough.. 
but u know what.. 

with a lil help from my friends:
Roger Frampton my trainer:
&  Emma Mc Queen my nutritionist: 
photos by PEDRO KOECHLIN bipped by me ;-)
:D   2day i am working out in Nike sports
 zip up jumper, leggings and trainers.
OOOH yeah! :D  

Monday, 16 July 2012

bippppppppping :-P

last week i bipped 2 osman yousefzada's a/w 2012 edition of THE COLLECTIVE! 

...which my mummy has contributed 2! :D 
thats osman and my mummy Tanya Ling in the gif above! lol they are good good friends who love each lots.

:D wowsers ! so this is a photo of a double page spread of the collective! and  that dress is 1 of osman's toiles which my mummy painted on! what an artwork!

this is valeria Napoleone! she hosted the dinner evening in her beautiful house. thank u 4 having me valeria. :D Valeria wore an osman dress ! :D

my daddy darling william ling was there as well as darling sarah mower. :D

:D i wore the gorgeous osman toile that my mummy painted on. geeez man it felt like i was wearing an art work! I felt so privileged wearing it! :D thanks mummy and osman! :D 
i wore it with my new fave christian louboutin boots. :D darling karrie fitz did my hair :D

mummy mooched with 
makeup queen lisa eldridge! 
(they both wore osman! :))

:D photo of osman and cheeky elizabeth von guttman! ;-)

:D this is a painting of alek wek by my mother tanya ling which also featured in the collective! :D

matthew slotover & emily king were also moochin about. Emily king contributed 2 the collective 2! :) 

& yeeeeeer!!! lil sis evangeline ling who wore osman & my darling boyfriend dylan garner 
who wore calvin klein 
also joined the fun! 
Thank u so much Valeria and osman 4 such a lovely evening!
LOVE bip. xoxox 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

last night dylan and i bipped in... high hair by naomi Regan
at neville salon. 
ck one color cosmetics makeup
Louis vuitton jacket & shorts. 
Jimmy choo shoes! :D &.. 
Dyl boy bipped in 
A child of the Jago suit
& Grenson shoes
at the bacardi birthday PARTY! 
woopie WOOPS! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

mummy's been BLOGGIN! :D

i like ya photo's of 
the Nixon sisters 
check out my mummy's blog ! :

Monday, 9 July 2012

on friday darling i went bipping under the ocean and above the clouds!!! 4 emmy's 21st. xxxxx yeeeeer!

:P i dressed as the angel in the 'beauty school drop out' part from the film Grease ! :P

i wore my fave coco fennell dress, knitted white fluffy thing from a vintage shop from NYC. 
Chanel bag. And my fave boots from Mad World fancy dress shop in shoreditch. 

as well as my linda farrow sunnies! :D
HEY THERE amy ram, me, dylan garner and the birthday girl Emmy Bellm! :D

petra palumbo, cherry, me and lana palumbo! :D

Petra dressed as a jelly fish! lol but couldn't resist dyl's hairy head. :D haha.xxxx

CUTIE crocccy amy ram ! :P
we went up in a hot air ballooon! !!!!! HAHAHA SO MUCH FUN!!!! 
& hanged out with the cats.
YUPP!!!! xx

(2 above photos by the darling pedro Koechlin :P bipped my me! :P) 

:D hey there lucinda bellm 
cuddles in the sky!!!! 
Thanks for the invite Emmy!!!!