Wednesday, 22 February 2012

2day i shall make pancakes.xxxxxxx

1st things 1st. !! 
i gottta sieve the plain flour.
 im not going to measure it though.. 
im just gonna feel 
what quantity 
i think feels right.

two eggs! then me mixes it. 
mixy mix mix.


yup i reckon that 
texture is just about right.

in2 the hot buttered up pan!

flip that beach! yeeeeah.

hhm i am going 2 go 
4 my fave toppping MAPLE SYRUP!

perfection. floating my boating. :P
life is
2day i wear cat 
ears from adhoc.
Dsquared specs.
nike jumper
white t-shirt from dark matter.
nike leggings.
nike ID trainers.