Wednesday, 2 June 2010

saatchiiiiii dimchi sumchi hiiitchi

good morning! how are you? it's sunny today. YAY. ok so last night i went to the private view of NEWSPEAK: BRITISH ART NOW at the saatchi gallery. i didn't think much of the show apart from a few pieces that i liked a lot which i took photos of but everything else seemed to annoy me. ANYWAYS WHAT I LIKED WERE

these sculpture heads by daniel silver

this hair dresser painting. this was done by hurvin anderson.. and theres lucy chadwick. hey lucy

ooh and i just absolutely loved karla black! this was so up my street. baby blue please. this was my favorite

and i liked these speakers. i thought they were pretty fun. by john Wynne

eugenie scrase - the winner. i think shes good. i like i like.

this is lynette yiadom boakye. i put the hey boys on there. i couldn't stop myself. i really love this painting though.

and this the hobos by littlewhitehead. - thats my friend emma though shes not a hobo she is just being silly.