Tuesday, 15 June 2010

my 21st parrttyyyy

hey! so last saturday i 
celebrated my 21st birthday 
with my family and friends. 
it was the most amazing time ever!!! 
i was absolutely spoilt!! 
i couldn't quit believe it.
(i still can't really)
it was so lovely to see so many lovely people in the same place. 
thank you tooo everyone who came. hehe the dress code was WHITE so i then dressed as a my little pony in the brightest colours possible.. i wore the 
most amazing peter pilotto dress ever!! and these gorgeous nicholas kirkwood grey leather heels which looked like ponys. my nails were painted bright blue and i had amazing pink/purple and white pony hair. everybody ate YOSHINO sushi and drank lots of drink. it was MAZIN! i was given the most amazing presents ever too - so thank you so sooo sooo much everybody. photo's below baby...

hehe thats my boyfriend and i. 
my friend from japan took that photo. hey nao.x

and this photo above - 
i think my friend emma took 
this of me djing.. 
hah it was so much fun. 
i remember I played tatu 
'all the things she said' hah.
hey emma.x

annnnnddd the above 
photos were taken by 
my friend didi.. i like i like.
hey hey didi.x

and theeeseee 
photos were taken 
on my camera by lovely 
gerogie hopton.. 
thank you so much!
ooh wow! i've posted quit a 
few photos
of myself...
thats a bit embarrassingGGGG.
ah well.. I AM
and twas my burfday.