Sunday, 29 March 2009

Po Po Loves.

Five months I launched a club night at PUNK called Po Po with Aubrey Dobson. It was a monthly, every second wednesday of the month. The club night was a huge success, I had a lot of fun running it. 

My mother had drawn an illustration for me to use for the flyer, which was Po Po. The strange but cute thing which I had made up in my head... so here we have Po Po my pet. I love Po Po. 

Five months had past, Po Po told me that he wanted to go back to India, so I told him "fair enough" The last Po Po at PUNK was a sad evening, although everyone enjoyed themselves. Po Po may come back, I'm hoping so and so is everyone who came.

Above, the photograph with the big heart, was taken from the Po Po LOVES club night, a few days before valentines day. The flyer is from the last Po Po at PUNK  you can see Meischa the kitten who belongs to Jonny Lu and the dog, is my dog called Cuba. Meischa and Cuba are good friends with Po Po.. they also want Po Po to come back. Fingers crossed that he returns. 

I love you Po Po.